WATER - The limestone sub-structure of this area contains an immense river system which appears at the surface frequently in places called 'cenotes'. This crystalline blue water meandering below the village has healing qualities, giving one a feeling of well-being after a short swim. One of our greatest assets is the water, always found at 8 meters below the land surface. There are several caverns with cenotes which we have integrated within parks for the residents to enjoy. This water provides unlimited use for landscaping, ponds, and general use. Each lot is supplied with its own water through a connection to a network, and most owners purchase bottled water for drinking.

WASTE TREATMENT - The Yucatan was below sea level 100,000 years ago, and is made of limestone, which does not provide percolation sufficient to effectively process our waste water. To protect this environment from contamination, SacBe supplies each home with a biodigester. The effluent (gray and black water) travels through chambers where bacteria consume the pathogens. After this process, the residual water travels through an enclosed garden where we grow bananas, elephant ears, birds of paradise and other large leafed plants. They consume the remaining toxins and purify the water that returns to the land as irrigation.

POWER - As our philosophy is to live sustainably, we will not be connecting to the Electrical Grid. As this area is blessed with abundant sunshine and seasonal wind, Pueblo SacBe is promoting conservation and the use of solar and wind generation for electrical power. Our experts at Playa Systems will assist the residents with purchasing, installation and service for their specific energy needs.

ROADS - We build our roads with a conscientious touch. First we mark the trees to be removed from the designated path. Large trees are preserved, which creates many curves when we route the road around them. Then we cut the trees on the full moon. This method reduces the content of insects and allows us to use the wood for construction. In the first phase, the road is created as a biking and hiking trail. This provides room for removal of the fallen hardwoods which are abundant since the fire of 1989, and for transplanting any orchids and bromeliads found on the path. Once this is accomplished, the road is widened and made ready for vehicles.